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About Company

About Company

Science. Results. Trust.

Founded in 1970 in Boston (USA), Candela Corporation today is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of laser equipment for dermatology and esthetics, selling and servicing its products in more than 90 countries. It was Candela who, more than 25 years ago, created the laser market for aesthetic medicine, giving doctors the means to achieve results that recently seemed fantastic – from the first laser to treat vascular lesions in children, to the first hair removal laser with a built-in Dynamic  Cooling Device (DCD ™) using cryogen.

The history of Candela is directly related to the history of the development of laser technologies. The company was founded by a man who was an advanced scientist, a physicist of Japanese-American origin, Horace Furumoto.

Horace Furumoto began his career in the early 60’s. in the defense company AVCO in the department for the development of laser weapons, in parallel working with the research laboratory in the field of electronics at Cambridge University. He is rightfully considered the inventor of the world’s first high-power dye laser.

Furumoto founded the company Candela Laser Corporation in 1971 and created a  pulsed dye laser for versatile clinical applications. In 1982, in collaboration with the Wellman Laboratories at  Massachusetts General Hospital, Furumoto, together with Rox Anderson and John Parrish, developed the principles of selective photothermolysis, which were first published in 1983 in the journal Science. Using these principles, he created the world’s first device for the removal of birthmarks, kidney stones and the treatment of glaucoma.

Focusing on the creation of innovative products that solve a range of aesthetic and dermatological problems, Candela has taken a leading position in the aesthetic medicine market. Today, Candela laser equipment is the “gold standard” enabling doctors to achieve perfect results.

Today Candela develops, manufactures and sells innovative clinical solutions that allow you to treat a  wide range of medical and cosmetic conditions using proven technology and offers a large portfolio of lasers and energy based devices.

In 2008 the two companies, Syneron and Candela merged which has added more products and services to the portfolio and gave a stronger position in the market. In 2019 the company changed its name to Candela Medical.

Candela Equipment

Vbeam is a pulsed dye laser, a recognized leader, and pioneer in the treatment of vascular pathologies. According to the opinion of reputable experts, Vbeam is the most progressive and safe laser for treating practically all vascular lesions of the face.

AlexTriVantage is the world’s first alexandrite q-switched laser with the innovative Laser-Pumped-Laser technology, which makes it possible to remove tattoos of all colors without restrictions.

GentleLase Pro-U is an alexandrite laser, which is universally recognized as the “Golden Standard” for laser hair removal. Thanks to the unsurpassed efficiency, power, and speed, this laser with an exclusive built-in Dynamic  Cooling system has rightfully won tremendous popularity among cosmeticians all over the world.

GentleYag Pro-U is one of the fastest and most powerful pulsed neodymium Nd: Yag lasers currently in the market. A unique combination of 1064 nm and Candela’s patented Dynamic Cooling Device technology (Dynamic Cooling Device) allows to carry out the procedure in a patient-friendly condition all year round for all skin phototypes, including tanned patients.

GentleMax Pro is an integrated aesthetic platform combining in a single device a configuration of two “gold standards” – alexandrite laser  GentleLase Pro-U and neodymium Nd: Yag laser  GentleYag Pro-U, offering doctors a completely new approach compared to any other multifunctional system available today in the market.

CO 2 RE  is one of the leaders among fractional CO 2  lasers in the market, a versatile platform allowing to work in fractional, surgical, cutting modes addressing a lot of esthetic and dermatological problems. Precision and homogeneity of delivering the energy secure perfect results and fast recovery of the patients.

CO 2 RE Intima is a new application for vaginal rejuvenation.

PicoWay is a remarkably innovative 3 wavelength picosecond laser with both non-fractional & fractional capabilities from Syneron Candela, the most trusted name in aesthetic lasers. PicoWay’s unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissue. These bursts of energy create a photoacoustic impact which breaks up the pigmentation into smaller, more easily eliminated particles.

elōs plus is an aesthetic platform for multiple aesthetic applications which allows a practitioner to cover all of the necessary variety of procedures.

eTwo brings a new dimension to sublative treatment, a new category of skin rejuvenation. High dermal impact with low epidermal disruption for all skin types.

VelaShape III with Guided Mode – provides a highly effective solution for comfortable, non-invasive, body contouring for a wide range of patients and treatment areas.

UltraShape Power has focused ultrasound technology. The system works by emitting acoustic waves of focused ultrasound energy 200 +/- 30 KHz frequency that converge into a confined focal volume underneath the skin, thereby, targeting only subcutaneous fat at the controlled depth.

Profound creates younger skin. Profoundly. Profound® is the 1st device to create all 3 skin fundamentals: Elastin. Collagen. Hyaluronic Acid. Yields 100% response* for total patient satisfaction.

For these and other Candela devices, please contact us.

The official exclusive distributor of Candela in Finland is Millenial Medical Oy, which sells lasers, installs them, guarantees and post-warranty service, supply original spare parts, and consumables. Clinical training is an extremely important part of the process and we put a lot of attention in this direction.

To transfer the experience of leading specialists, to perfect the skill in working with Candela lasers we also organize seminars held with the participation of foreign specialists of world level.